Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Season of Draut

Dynamite Joe and Dynamite Bill
A couple of posts ago I mentioned some war comic work from the sixties by Bill Draut. This was after he'd developed his mature later style. I like this later work a lot, though fans and many collectors aren't as thrilled because of its slick finish and conservative drawing style.

Going through my old CD's I unearthed the two pages I was referring to. I found them on a long-ago online auction. At right is page 3 from a story in Harvey's Warfront, issue 41. The lead character is Dynamite Joe, one of the many tough-as-nails-sarge-with-colorful-patrol-of-stereotype characters who've stumbled along in Sgt. Rock's footsteps.

At left is page 19 from the same story. What I admire in both pages is the solid draughtsmanship, the super-clean, controlled ink line, and the artists' willingness to draw what needs to be drawn without cutting corners. Though some of the panels are packed, thanks to good composition and careful spotting of blacks, the foreground never gets lost in the background. A very nice job by an artist who hid a great deal of knowledge behind a deceptively quiet drawing style.

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