Saturday, April 4, 2009

Tom Corbett in Color--3

The Last of the Batch
Here are the last of my Tom Corbett, Space Cadet Sunday strips. I'm confused, though. First, I had two more strips, color versions of Sundays that Ger Apeldoorn posted in b&w on his blog. For the life of me I can't find them. Did I just dream them when I had space fever?

The other problem is that the strip below is dated 22 January 1952, while a Sunday I ran earlier (Astro dreaming of monsters) I had listed as 20 January 1952. None of my Corbett Sundays have dates on the strips themselves; I got most of the dates from notes penciled in the margins by the original collector. Obviously one of these dates is wrong.

The next strip is definitely from 2 March 1952 because the dateline from the newspaper is still attached.And that's it for Tom. I'm excited by Mr. Apeldoorn's project to reproduce his near-complete run of microfilm Corbetts.

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