Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Stuff I've Done

Sketch Time
It's been a very long time since I posted here, something I promised myself I wouldn't do. I've been working on a very time-consuming outside spec project. The time it consumes is all the time I'm not at Trader Joe's shaking my head at the latest directive from upstairs.

So to post something at least I offer some sketches from the project in question. These were done in lead pencil on tracing paper; nothing elaborate at all...lack of photo reference shows in spots.

I don't like posting my own stuff. There's so much great stuff out there I feel rather stupid offering my work alongside the likes of Frank Godwin and Ray Bailey.

However if you're a glutton for punishment I offer a link to my DeviantArt site. I have let that gallery sit for a long time, too. However now that I'm producing some more non-TJ work I intend to update my collection there.

My DeviantArt page is here.

As the project develops over the next couple of weeks I'll have more finished stuff to show.
As long as we're at it, here's a piece from work I kinda liked. It's a multi-level sign I did pushing cheap pasta. The stereotype chef was drawn, as usual, using pastels on 32x40 inch black foam board. The "mamma mia" and the price were spray-painted onto separate pieces of foam board and outlined with paint pens. The smaller lettering on the main sign was also done with paint pen.

The sign is no more, but when we tore it down I saved the chef...I'll get a good photo of him some day. I really like doing this kind of stuff.


L said...

Hey Ron,
I am a fan of all of your stuff, but I think your Trader Joe's signs are particularly fabulous.

Beautiful work! You are a very gifted artist.


Smurfswacker said...

Thank you very much!