Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Stuff I've Done--7

Going Gaga

The following link will take you to a Lady Gaga video: You and I

If you've followed this blog at all you're probably wondering, "Why the hell is he linking to a Lady Gaga video?" The answer is one of the more unusual freelance gigs I've had: I drew storyboards for the video, working with director Laurieann Gibson.

A few weeks ago I got a phone call from a guy for whom I'd done some website drawings. My son had interned for an entertainment company in which this fellow had been a partner. He told me an old friend of his was desperate for an experienced storyboard artist who could start NOW. I said I was available. To my amazement, within a couple of hours I was signed up to spend the next day drawing boards for the new Gaga video. Networking takes you the strangest places!

I put in a delightful day's work at the director's new home in Encino. Laurieann was in the middle of moving to LA from Canada, and the furnishings were mainly moving boxes. I set up on the dining room table and began cranking. Laruieann Gibson is an energetic woman with an amazing resume (check out her Wikipedia entry) and was great fun to work with. In fact I haven't had so thoroughly enjoyable a day's work in many years. Icing on the cake was getting to meet not only Laurieann's team members but also her mom, sisters, niece, and dogs.

Unfortunately I did not meet Lady G. herself. We were putting the boards together at the last minute, and Gaga was already in Nebraska preparing for the shoot. I hope sometime to have that pleasure.


Maiden of Nature said...

That's amazing! The video, as well as the song is brilliant! :)

Peter Bangs said...

well it ain't comics but at least someone has the sense to pay you to draw.