Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Fantax Fights a Bear

Somebody Else's Post

This odd post is for the benefit of Bully and his entertaining blog Bully Says Comics Ought to be Fun. Recently he's been treating us to Bear Attack Month. I had no idea bear attacks were so popular in's fun seeing the different ways bear attacks were worked into superhero stories...and the different degrees of skill the artists showed in depicting the critters. You should check the series out.

To demonstrate that American superheroes aren't the only ones who know how to deal with bears, I offer in Bully's honor an encounter from Fantax #26 (Edizioni Western, 1948). I haven't been able to figure out who the artist is. It may be Gallieno Ferri, or it may be Pierre Muchot (aka "Chott"), who originated the character in France. English version by Bearswacker.

Fantax doesn't die.

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